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Founder of professional networks and clever event organizer. Applied Psychologist by training, expert on culture and passion for the show, artist and observer of reality omnivorous by nature.
These are the traits that define the professional multi-faceted personality of Maria Luisa Lafiandra and that, along with the extraordinary ability to choose and coordinate human potential, make her a capable maker of projects, a forward-looking artistic director and a brilliant presenter.


Energetic, Rapid, Dynamic Lulu

born in the center of Italy, Rieti, in a peaceful and serene dimension, but at the same time, influenced by an international family, soon learns English and French, breathing dynamic and challenging environments.

She graduated in Expert Business and Foreign Language Correspondent, then graduated in Marketing and Communication, specialized in Human Potential, Coaching and Innovation in Social and Organizational Contexts.

Psychology, Communication, Journalism, Economics and a passion for fashion become her world starting to pool her interests. Gradually the music takes more and more space. She started to write her first songs, her first lyrics and begins to sing.

She finds her artistic dimension and identity that are still her point of reference in any business. Continues to grow and with her family in 2004, forms the basis of the Premio Poggio Bustone, one of the musical events dedicated to music of quality more relevant in the Italian circuit. Poggio Bustone is the birthplace of the greatest Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti.

Her passion for cinema allows her to become the Event Manager of another major international event in Mompeo in Corto, organized in the magnificent setting of the Baronial Palace Orsini-Naro called “The Castle”, in Sabina, not far from Rome.

In the meantime, her travels are becoming more intense, falls in love and settles in Amsterdam, where her passion for communication is the pinnacle in a human city, but international in its character, where it is possible to communicate every day in many languages and have a cross over of cultures that become a constant source of stimulation.

Meanwhile, Albatros Life, the project that became her reference to tell the world her values and her philosophy of life, it becomes a blog, a container of her activities, her versatility, the ability to tell her stories and tell the world , seen through the eyes of a simple person, who has not lost the minimalism of just being…


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