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Lulu began writing very young, working for magazines such as Roma Elle,Morena Informa, continuing her apprenticeship in terms of territorial marketing for the magazine RM. The first degree in Marketing and Communication is the natural evolution of her interest in writing. In a short time, she enrolled in the Order of Journalists and started working for Dj MagSeMagIl Pendolino. Her collaborations also cover topics of economics,Fran Excel (Dubai) and Mark up, as well as several web projects of various kind…

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Since 1998, when she started attending Psychology at La Sapienza University in Rome, has a clear idea in her path. The study of Psychology helps her to find the tools of analysis and development work. She dives in theApplied Psychology, without neglecting the interest in the clinical area and the age of development. Her bacheror’s degree in Sciences and Techniques Psychological-Social of Communication and Marketing with the thesis “A.P.Q. Participator Analysis of Quality” is the first step in the emergence of her interest in the applied field


Founder and Event Manager of Premio Poggio Bustone since 2004, Artistic Director of  Mompeo in Corto since 2011, expert in national and international eventsprecise organizer and natural leader, able to better coordinate all the resources available: Lulu is a Business developer in spontaneous sense, able to grasp the resources and strong points of a project and develop their potential with determination and effectiveness, often succeeding to save on the budget. The overall vision, the ability to work accurately, on time…



The relationship between Lulu and the camera is strong and lightweight. She begins twenties to be photographed only to discover that the picture is a friend and can allow her to express herself in a natural way with no filter. Be photographed is a continuous game, funny and always new, so she begins to work with many photographers in Italy and abroad, including RenamMauro CaleviAlfonso SpezzaSergio CardoneDomenico TattoliRoel BrekelmansFarid NaimiPiero PrincipiJaime Garrito Latorre

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The artistic component appears when she is a child, but at age 19 she begins to write music in a spontaneous way. Inspired by the beautiful nature of Rieti and Poggio Bustone, it is natural to express in music her sensitivity.

Her songs are inspired by everyday life, her way of seeing the world, the lyrics tell stories about her live. The songs are often born from travel, or just from her fervid creativity… Soundcloud Lulu page

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Lulu begins to travel very soon around the world, particularly in Europe, developing a wide knowledge of different cultures, working for magazines in the field of tourism and learning the rules that govern the tourism sector.

In 2012 opens “Querce Santa Maria“, a bed and breakfast with her family, in the beautiful scenery of the Saint Valley, on the Walk of St. Francis. Meanwhile intensifies her travels and move to Amsterdam.

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