Albatros and the other projects


Albatros life is a communication project, a project that collects ideas, inspirations, ideals. Born in 1999 as a community, when the community and the web were not the reference of today, over the years has been known to be a springboard for future journalists, writers, poets. Albatros life and Lulu Lafiandra, her manager since 2002, stimulated the authors to find a way to express ideas on every subject, dealing with care and attention to every single contribution. Before social networks became the hub of communication, Albatros Life was a happy island and through word of mouth and the commitment of all, it ran between libraries, trains and resources available.

Over time it has developed in a different project of communication, identifying more and more in the work of her manager, Lulu Lafiandra and her personal commitment, as an artist, but also as a promoter, artistic director and business developer of specific projects related to art, culture and organization of events.

Historical covers of ALBATROS LIFE (by Daniele Puccini):

Charles Chaplin dec 2005

Pope John Paul II sett 2005

Nicola Calipari jun 2005

Freddy Krueger mar 2005

Paolo Borsellino dec 2004

Marco Pantani sept 2004

Peter Gabriel jun 2004

Manga mar 2004



An event dedicated to Music d’Autore (quality music songwriting), famous for the quality of its artists, tracks selected and for the beautiful covers on its antlers every year, the festival is considered one of the most interesting and well organized of the country. For years boasts prestigious partnership, as with Forward Studios in Grottaferrata where live auditions are organized and it is famous for the commitment with which all staff maintains and supports its artists. Organized in the birthplace of the greatest Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti, is a pearl of quality and performance for years attracts a large and attentive audience, always ready to discover new artists. The festival launches artists from years of success that accept the invitation to tread the stages of an event unique.

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The short film festival for over 15 years is dedicated to young film makers and recognition of awards dedicated to cinema and communication. It takes place in the prestigious Castle of Mompeo, not far from Rome, attracting fans and insiders who consider it a pearl of organization and quality of its products. The festival has a unique history, chosen by famous names in cinema and entertainment who have enriched their experience and their presence in the international arena, is also a point of reference in the cinematographic sector. It has many partnerships including, not least, with that considers its reference on the world of short films.

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The project dedicated to the world of tourism to the rediscovery of the good Italian sense of life. Dedicated to foreigners and lovers of culinary tradition and Italian art, ready to dive into the world of flavors and the history of civilization that has made Italy a unique reference about beauty and live in harmony. Show the heart of Italy, Rieti and its magnificent beauty, its history, its traditions of healthy living and simple distinguishing the made in Italy in the world.

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