Almond blossom by VAN GOGH

I enter at the Hermitage of Amsterdam, I watch and read without rushing the writing on the wall and the descriptions of the other paintings. By now I know them well, I could also describe mentally where they are placed into the room before opening my eyes and be delighted by their beauty, but today I’m not here for that.

I go upstairs slowly and I foretaste the sense of what, once again, I have the chance to see.

It is there, waiting for my eyes in love on it, my favorite painting: the Almond Blossom, painted by Van Gogh in 1890, in Saint Remy, just before his death: dedicated to his nephew “Vincent“, son of his brother Theo, to beautify his room.

A canvas that has unfortunately suffered the time. The color has lost some of the intensity of the blue sky and the flowers have faded even the original pink colour, but the white in my eyes, here today, is still beautiful and pure. The blue in the background enhances the white buds which once Van Gogh painted pink, and other smaller, red, they are ready to explode in beauty of life, in an eternal moment that is about to be consumed by the light. I could move me in front of the picture of the Almond Blossom, with tears of joy and beauty.

In this context, despite the heaviness and the force of the brushstrokes, there is the sublime of Van Gogh, an eternal light that invades the viewer, with a grace and a sense of eternal lightness.

I could stay hours in silence to contemplate, despite the confusion, the crowd, the screaming kids… This framework is a part of me, it’s as if Van Gogh had painted my conception of grace and beauty.

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