Everybody by bus for WILLEM ALEXANDER

No wonder of that… in the Netherlands everybody rides a bike, catch buses… even if you’re quite a V.I.P. you do not need to show your importance in an official car, not here, not in northern Europe. And while under my window in the islet of Realengracht in Haarlemmerbuurt at Amsterdam, the last daring boat is passing still intent on wild dance to the tune of Prodigy, I think of the common sense to a country that is always substantial in its organization.

Today the Prince Willem Alexander became the king, after an enthronement ceremony in the beautiful Dam Square, filled with about 25,000 Dutch and curious people ready to live this event so special among the orange feathers and the colors of the Dutch flag. Everything went smoothly, the Royals, the ministers, the characters of the caste system and prominent families, but also present many common people, because in Amsterdam, the social difference is not as in Italy, there is no need of many military forces to enjoy an event like that, and as always, the city has held up very well the approximately 800,000 persons that between yesterday and today have moved to the city among the markets, the parties, the festivals and the concerts in the Jordaan, in Westerpark and throughout the city. 

Amsterdam, as always, is an example of how it is possible to organize huge events, with characters so imposing and ordinary people and let everyone enjoy the simple pleasure of being there!

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