Tutankhamun: the star of Ancient Egypt at Amsterdam

Over 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt lived Tutankhamun, a child who became Pharaoh, buried and allowed to stand until November 26, 1922, when the British archaeologist Howard Carter entered for the first time in the antechamber of his tomb.

In the prestigious area EXPO of Amsterdam has been reproposed his grave, those wonderful things viewed from its discoverer. The area of the Expo is organized in an excellent audio guide in several languages (excluding Italian) that accompanies the visit. At first the visitors are followed step by step, with video introducing the historical basis, the charm and the role of Ancient Egypt and then watching a short documentary about the discovery of the tomb.

From here the visitors may access to the reconstructed wonders with an attention to detail that leaves people astonished. There is everything that was found: objects of gold, alabaster and precious stones, just as they were placed inside the tomb. In a second room each item is newly reconstructed and illustrated on a journey beyond time and space to experience the meaning of the very civilization attained by humanity in that great historical period.

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